Uniform Ordering

Hunter’s Green Elementary School Uniform Policy:

As the new school year approaches we look forward to a year filled with exciting challenges and opportunities. In an effort to maximize the learning environment at Hunter’s Green Elementary School, our School has implemented a mandatory uniform policy, which was voted on at the end of the year.

Students will be required to wear the school uniform Monday through Friday.

An “opt-out” waiver is available. Please call the school office and schedule an appointment with administration if you choose to opt-out.

Thank you for supporting our mandatory uniform policy during this school year. If you have any questions regarding our uniform policy or are in need of uniform assistance please contact administration.

School approved uniforms consist of the following:


  • Hunter green, navy blue or white polo style with collar (They may be with or without school logo.)
  • Dri-Fit or cotton T-shirt in green or navy with Hunter’s Green logo


  • Khaki or navy blue pants
  • Khaki or navy blue walking shorts


  • Khaki or navy blue skirt or shorts
  • Khaki or navy blue jumpers
  • Collared shirt are to be worn under jumpers

Any issues or questions regarding uniform quality please contact our vendor directly:

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